Estate Management

Le Domaine is controlled by a Board of Trustees elected by the Body Corporate (owners). The Trustees are charged with the responsibility of setting policies and financial budgets which include the determination of monthly levies for the efficient running of the Estate.

A management team headed by an Estate Manager is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Estate to provide financial accounting services, maintenance of common property including gardens and waterways, as well as the provision of electrical and water services.

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Each year the Financial Manager, in consultation with the Trustees and Estate Manager, prepares a detailed working budget for the following financial year from which the total required income to run the Estate is determined.

From this the total levy and thus the individual owner's levies, are calculated and submitted to the Body Corporate (owners) at the AGM for approval.


General - covering the day-to-day running expenses which covers among other things, management costs, maintenance of the infrastructure, including the exterior of all dwellings, insurance, water and electricity reticulation, garden and waterway maintenance, sports and recreation facilities including our restaurant Mode de Vie.

A separate 'digital' levy which includes the following:

  • Free calls within the Estate
  • Telephone - access to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services (after the Supersonic Service Application Form is completed)
  • Internet connection within the Le Domaine network – uncapped and unshaped
  • Le Dom email address

The digital levy is mandatory, as stipulated in each owner's buying agreement, irrespective of whether or not the resident utilises the facilities provided.

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