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Set amongst the gently rolling green hills just outside of Hillcrest are 700 residential units, which are sold on a sectional title basis. The Estate occupies an area of 35 hectares with 7.5km of boundary wall.

Indigenous vegetation is utilised throughout, providing a haven for an array of wildlife and birds.


Safety &


Access Control

Access to Le Domaine is manned and controlled 24/7, ensuring safety for our residents

Perimeter and Internal Security

One of the most important advantages of living in a closed community is the security that it offers.

Armed Response

In Conjunction with Excellerate Security company. Le Domaine is well guarded 24/7 with professional experts.


Care Centre

An added advantage within our Estate is an independently run Care Centre, consisting of 64 on-suite rooms, which offers permanent and short term Assisted Living and Frail Care
Tel: +27 (0)31 716 8450

Frequently Asked


  • Is Le Domaine a retirement Estate ?
    Le Domaine is designed for the active over 50’s. We are NOT a retirement Estate nor an old age home. The development is for individuals who enjoy a full and varied lifestyle emphasising healthy living and comprising a variety of sporting and social activities, with comprehensive independent healthcare facilities. Le Domaine is not just a place to live but a way of life and the conduct rules represent the interest of the owners and residents of Le Domaine.
  • Sectional Titles Estate or Home Owner Association?
    Le Domaine is a Sectional Titles Estate and therefore governed by the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA). Each owner of a unit in a sectional title scheme owns the interior of the section and an undivided share in the common property. Common property includes the exterior of a section and all areas outside the immediate environs of an owner’s unit which can be freely accessed by all other owners.
  • Is Le Domaine financially sound ?
    The Estate has a healthy Levy Stabilisation Fund (LSF) that subsidises the levy increases each year. The LSF is payable to the Body Corporate on re-sale of the unit and calculated as stipulated in the Estate Management Rules. These funds are invested with a reputable service provider and the Trustees together with the Investment Committee invests the excess funds safely and carefully to maximise returns.
  • Digital services?
    Your Estate levy includes VOIP telephone line rental, internet, Wi-Fi, and email - Basic uncapped/unshaped data per section. The levy is collected by Body Corporate and paid over to a digital service provider.
  • Security and Medical Emergencies?
    We are proud to be associated with MediTech Medical Services and Excellerate Security. The monthly levy includes an emergency medical response, one Genie ICE cell phone panic and security service. Excellerate security personnel ensure that our Estate is a very safe environment to live in.
  • Are dogs allowed on the Estate ?
    Yes a maximum of 2 dogs per home is allowed, an approval process must be adhered to before the dog/s are brought onto the Estate.
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